Cajun Face is a two-woman show about what it means to grow up Cajun in a quickly globalizing world. Actors/co-writers Sarah Brown and Lian Cheramie present a comedic and personal story of family and friendship and culture. The multi media Cajun Face is a collection of vignettes that reflect their experiences as young Cajuns having moved to Chicago and New York and now living back in Lafayette. Humorous, personal and poignant, Cajun Face themes include families, defining what it means to be Cajun, dating, leaving or staying at home all portrayed from an Acadian familial perspective. Cajun Face has a multimedia aspect that features two original songs and video interviews with members of the community. Cajun Face is a central voyage to questioning and defining individual heritage. 

Sarah Brown moved from South Louisiana to Chicago in 2004. There, she took her passion and experience in theatre and quickly became involved in various organizations promoting the arts in her new city of not quite 3 million people. During her time in Chicago she was involved with the Fringe Festival and various improvisational theater groups and events such as the Chicago Improv Festival. Perhaps it was ancestors from the LeBlanc or Boudreaux families who called her back home to Lafayette Parish. 

Lian Cheramie was a self-proclaimed “army brat.” Born in Louisiana, she moved often over a period of five years including time in Colorado and Hawaii. Her father is from Lafourche Parish and has ancestral lineage from the Fontenot family. Similarly to her fellow actor, Cheramie has particular members of her family who have followed the ancestry and shared information and stories with fellow descendants. Cheramie’s family returned to Louisiana when she was still young and perhaps in a contrasting way to Brown, she chose to live her adult life in Acadiana. 

Cheramie and Brown met in the Theatre Department of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2001 when they were both in a production of “Correct Usage and Common Errors,” part of the Deep South Writer’s Conference. Upon Sarah’s return home, her penchant for both acting and being a producer of events was still strong. She reconnected with Cheramie and through conversation and exploration of their unique, and at times, common, experiences, the concept for “Cajun Face” was born. All this through “Acting Up (in Acadiana)” which is a residence program at the Acadiana Center for the Arts in Lafayette. Cajundome, October 9, Mardi Gras Room 11:30am to 12:30pm


Diane Carmel Léger grew up in the Acadian village of Memramcook. In 1989, homesickness led her to write Acadian bestseller La butte à Pétard, winner of the Hackmatack Award. It was followed by the Canadian bestseller Maxine’s Tree,and a dozen books. Recipient of several awards and distinctions, Diane has toured schools in Canada and the United States since 1991. This year, she released La patate cadeau ou la vraie histoire de la poutine râpée,finalist for the 2015 Tamarac Award, as well as its translation, Piau’s Potato Present
Second floor of the Cajundome Convention Center, October 9.


WAWA PRODUCTIONS presents « WELDON BOUDREAU and his daughter Josée »
It has been a while that Weldon is going on stage with his daughter Josée. They share the same interest in the preservation of Acadian folklore and have a strong musical connection. Together, they play many instruments. They have a certain vision and pride, and they like to engage with the crowd. Weldon and Josée know how to give an authentic and sincere experience that everyone enjoy. Weldon and Josée deals with different topics such as culture, community, intimidation, faith among the youth. The show lasts 45-60 min, with original songs, variety of instruments and interesting arrangements. Come see Weldon and Josée at the Cajundome Convention Center, October 9, 2015


ART RICHARD’S entertainment skills has children dancing and singing to his unique upbeat style of music. His children’s show can be performed in French or in English, as he is fluently bilingual. This professional artist has eleven CD’s and five DVD’s to his credit. 

Art has performed at renowned festivals such as The New- Orleans Jazz festival and the International festival in Lafayette Louisiana. Art invites the participants on stage to play traditional instruments and to performance interactive dances with him while the audience follows along. This multi-instrumentalist plays Cajun style accordion, mandolin and guitar which will leave you wanting to play along. His shows are entertaining, educational and interactive. Cajundome Convention Center, October 9 and on a tour in Louisiana during the GRA. 

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Yvonne Thibodeaux Bogan is a retired public school teacher currently living in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Because of her love of language and literacy, she continues to teach English to ESL (English as a Second Language) students both professionally and as a volunteer. She loves reading, tutoring, journaling, art, children, and especially a combination of any and all of them.  Her life motto: The life you live is the lesson you teach! Cajundome Convention Center, October 9, Artistic activities for children