Le Grand Réveil Acadien (The Great Acadian Awakening) 2015 is an event to celebrate Acadian – or “Cajun,” as it’s called in Louisiana – heritage, bring together Acadians from around the world, and highlight the importance of the French language for the survival of our culture. This nine day festival in South Louisiana will feature family reunions, Cajun and folk concerts, genealogy lectures, crafts seminars, a traditional Acadian parade called a Tintamarre, and commemoration ceremonies marking the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Louisiana.

This event is the result of four years of planning and preparation by Louisiane-Acadie, Inc. This nonprofit organization put on the first GRA in 2011, inspired by the events of the World Acadian Conference 2009. “The Acadians of the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick helped start a renaissance and an awakening of our younger generation’s pride and interest in promoting the French language and culture of their ancestors,” said Louisiane-Acadie President, Ray Trahan. The 2011 event was an all-around success, with thousands of local participants and hundreds of visitors from Canada, France, and beyond carrying their enthusiasm for Acadian culture beyond the GRA and into their daily lives. With the 2015 GRA, Louisiane-Acadie, Inc. aims to encourage all Acadians to participate in the continued expression of the native French language and culture.

In order to maintain our rich heritage, we must take advantage of this spirit of renewal and to learn from the past. We’re asking Acadians and friends of the Acadians to join us in Louisiana to celebrate this unique, vibrant, and living culture! 

Vive l’Acadie et vive la Louisiane!