Louisiane-Acadie is a nonprofit umbrella organization that represents Acadians and Cajuns in Louisiana and encourages networking and increased connections between Louisiana organizations in order to promote a unified voice and to better connect with all Acadian communities worldwide.

Louisiana-Acadie, Inc. was registered in Lafayette, Louisiana as a non-profit corporation on July 11, 2008.

Prior to that time CAFA (Confederation of Acadian Families Association) was the umbrella organization formed in 1998 prior to CMA1999 in Louisiana.

According to the now-cancelled CAFA website:
“This organization was formed and incorporated as a non-profit corporation on
May 28, 1998. CAFA is patterned after a similar organization in New Brunswick, Canada, known as FAFA. CAFA is dedicated to helping all organized Acadian Family Associations by furnishing volunteer workers from a core of delegates from each family association.”

FAFA website:
La Fédération des Associations de Familles Acadiennes, Inc., founded 1995, is still an active organization. https://www.fafa-acadie.org/