OCTOBER 3 to 12 2015
South Louisiana

Louisiane-Acadie, Inc. is aiming to encourage all Acadians to participate in 
the continued expression of the native French language and culture by announcing 
a grand gathering of Acadians in Louisiana called the “Grand Réveil Acadien / 
Great Acadian Awakening”.

Hosted by Louisianians, the entire region of South Louisiana is opening their 
doors to welcome family and friends who want to celebrate and help maintain the 
culture, customs, traditions and history of the Acadians. This celebration will 
be held October 3rd through 11th, 2015 in four Acadian regions. New Orleans, 
Houma, Lake Charles, and Lafayette will host events and celebrations closing 
with a huge renewal of pride on the last day at Festivals Acadiens et Créoles at 
Girard Park in Lafayette.

After engaging a group of young Louisianians to prepare and participate 
in promoting Louisiana for the World Acadian Congress 2014, an awakening of 
their heritage was visibly evident. “The Acadians of the Acadian Peninsula of 
New Brunswick helped start a renaissance and an awakening of our younger 
generation’s pride and interest in promoting the French language and culture of 
their ancestors.” states President Ray Trahan.

In order to maintain our rich heritage, it is now time to take advantage of this renewal and to learn from the past. We should do everything we can to keep this hope alive. We’re asking Acadians and friends to join us in Louisiana to celebrate this unique, living culture! Vive l’Acadie et vive la Louisiane!